How to Register with Santhosham Matrimony.com ?

Santhosham Matrimony has both Free and paid registration services.

Free Registration:-

You can do free registration from the home page itself, just fill up the form and proceed, you will get a confirmation email, click on the link – your mail id is confirmed, you will be directed to mobile confirmation page, at the same time you will receive SMS with 6 digit PIN NUMBER in your mobile, type that pin in the slot provided to confirm your mobile no, You will be allotted a matrimony id, now you can update your profile with photo, horo etc and add partner preference. By the next time you can login with your mail id (or) Mobile No (or) Matrimony Id and password chosen by you.

Paid Registartion:-

This is very similar to free registration, you have to choose the package type for a required time period, paid profiles gets all SMS benefits like New Profile SMS, Updated Profile SMS, followed by send and receive Photo Request SMS, Horo Request SMS, Social Reference Request SMS right on your mobile phone, Huge quantity of SMS is allotted, so your alliance search will be made at lightning speed.

Profile Validation ?

We try to keep our database clean so every profile is manually validated and edited if required; care is taken to keep your identity safe. We are against spam, we reject profiles of under aged people, funny contents which are not related to marriage, abusive contents etc. No one can add content without confirming their mobile numbers, if we found something fraud, we will locate them easily and hand over them to cyber police. We are very serious in marriage making. Is there multiple regional matrimony portals to add my profile? Our site is a big one and can handle millions of data at high speed with in a fraction of a second, so it is not at all required for us to start regional portals.

Do I register for someone else ?

No, it is better to ask them to register by them self, they get their mobile number confirmed, may be they can get some instant SMS requests or SMS Messages to get their alliance fixed, if you are in between and forgot to convey those messages you will be held responsible for loss of that alliance. If they are uneducated (or) too busy in their works, you can register on their behalf, but try to have them nearby during registration and give their mobile number alone, that is the safer side.

Do I use same id register for my brother (or) sister (or) myself?

Matrimony id is unique, once a profile is added, certain parameters are fixed and get some benefits, if you alter any, you will be held responsible for the loss of alliance, it is better to make a new registration and get the profile added in our database.

Do I register for my friend (or) relative (or) sibling?

No, Let it do by them self, everyone needs their mobile no confirmed to get instant SMS, if you intrude and forgot to convey SMS Messages, you will be held responsible for any losses incurred in their matrimony search, however you can help them to register their profile. If you are father, mother or a responsible sibling/ relative you can do it with your mobile number.

Can I Use same Email id or Mobile No for 2 different profiles?

No, it is not at all allowed, everything is unique; you must have a different email id and mobile no for the next profile.

What are the details I can add in my profile description?

It is just about yourself, like your education, career details, family background, your interests, partner expectation etc, give all the details in a simple and clear manner, don’t add your email id or mobile no in description, you have to add them in the appropriate spaces provided for them.

Sample Profile for reference

I am Ravi Shankar, Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Department, working as a senior maintenance engineer in a private engineering company for the past 3 years at Hyderabad; I am a friendly and fun loving person with good personality. I have cycling, travelling and music listening as my hobbies. Mine is a small family of 4 members, with father, mother, younger sister and myself, father is a retired Engineer from Agricultural Dept, mother is a house wife and my sister is doing her SSLC, I wish to get a life partner who is intelligent, broad minded, understanding, responsible to care of me and my family.

Do all details of my profile is displayed to members of Santhosham Matrimony?

Paid members can view all details including your mobile number, for free members all your details are made visible except email id and mobile number.

Why do you ask my Mobile Number and why it is verified?

Santhosham Matrimony, needs mobile number to get verified, so as to send SMS Messages. Santhosham Matrimony is a high speed matrimony site whose functionality is based on sending SMS alerts at regular intervals, Mobile verification is totally free and you will not be allowed even to add your profile without verification. Only paid members can view your mobile number

Do I know who viewed my Mobile Number?

Yes, whenever a paid member views your mobile number, you will be informed by an SMS about who viewed your mobile number. Also you can see all members who viewed your mobile number on “My Home” Page < user Panel >

Can I hide my mobile number?

Yes, you can hide your mobile number from the My Home Page, if a paid member clicks to view your mobile number, you will be intimated to contact him, if you are a free member, you can’t contact him, however, on removal of hide my mobile no, he will be intimated that you have turned on to view your “Mobile Number”

Create my profile (or) Update my Profile:

You can create your full profile followed by registration and verification of your email id and mobile number; you have to add your photos, horoscope, social reference, and partner preference etc to complete your profile


Do I add multiple photos to my profile?

Yes, you can add up to 10 Photo’s to your profile; images must be in gif, jpg, png format, must not exceed 10 mb per image.

How do I add my photo to my profile?

LOGIN to your Santhosham Matrimony account, CLICK on the “ADD Photo” link on the “My Home” page As you click the link, option to add photo gets on, select the file and UPLOAD it

Can I crop my photo images?

At present you don’t have options to crop your images, this option will be added soon in future.

Is there any other ways to add my photo?

You can mail your photos to [email protected], indicating your Matrimony ID (or) you can send it to us by post or courier with your Matrimony ID, we will upload it within 24 business hours. It is a free service

Do you validate our photos?

Yea, each and every photo submission is screened manually, before adding it in our database. Normally it takes 24 business hours. Updated photos will be viewed by other members only after screening.

Do I hide my photo?

Only paid members can hide their photo, you can protect them with a password, if someone clicks on the link a password request sms is sent to you, you can share your password with them, if you wish or you can refuse it. If you forgot the password you can set a new one. How do I remove “Hide my Photo” option? Only paid members avail this facility, if you click the link “Unprotect my Photo” in my profile page. It is activated immediately and your photo will appear on search results to all members

How do I delete my photo?

Login to Santhosham Matrimony, with your ID and Password Click on edit profile section Click on “Delete my Photo” link on My Profile page How my photo is secured at Santhosham Matrimony? At Santhosham Matrimony every photo is watermarked with an image “Santhosham Matrimony”, more over we prevent right click from mouse to copy or save photo from the website.

What is Photo Request?

If a member has not added photo and a requester clicks on the link to make a photo request, an SMS (or) Email is sent as per the member category Paid member to paid member gets = Photo Request SMS + Email Paid member to free member gets = Photo Request SMS (*) + Email Free member to paid member gets = Photo Request SMS + Email Free member to free member gets = Email only Note: To unlock (*) in SMS messages upgrade yourself to become a paid member


How do I add my horoscope at Santhosham Matrimony?

When you complete your registration process, you will be asked to update your profile, on that process you will be asked about your Rasi and Star, followed by an upload button to browse your horoscope and upload it. Take care that your horoscope must not have mobile numbers (or) Email id’s added it it, it must be in jpg / gif / png format, not exceeding 20 mb, every horoscope is validated manually before adding them in our databases, normally it takes 24 business hours. In some situations you can add horoscope afterwards, from “My Profile” page

Do you have horoscope generation software?

At present we don’t have horoscope generation software added in our site, may be in future we will add the same. Is there any way to add my horoscope at Santhosham Matrimony.com? You can email your horoscope to [email protected], don’t forget to add your matrimony id, it is free of cost and it takes 24 business hours to add the same.

Do I protect my horoscope?

Yea, this feature is available for paid members only, you can protect your horoscope with a password, other members who are interested in your profile make “Horoscope password request” you get the alert via an SMS along with the profile details of the member who made this password request. As soon as the member views your horoscope, you will be intimated via an SMS that the requested member has viewed his/her horoscope, so that you can the current password. Whenever you forget your password, change it to a new one, you can’t retrieve the older one.

How can I unprotect my photo?

This feature is available for paid members only, Login to Santhosham Matrimony, right in dash board you can view the link “Unprotect my Horo” – click it, your horoscope is unprotected and it can be viewed by all paid members.

Can I delete my horoscope?

Yea, Login to Santhosham Matrimony with your Matrimony Id and password, Move to dashboard area, click “Edit Horoscope” you can find a link to delete your horoscope. Click the link to delete the horoscope, once it is deleted, you can’t retrieve your horoscope.

What is Horoscope Request?

If a member has not added horoscope and a requester clicks on the link to make a horo request, an SMS (or) Email is sent as per the member category Paid member to paid member gets = Horo Request SMS + Email Paid member to free member gets = Horo Request SMS (*) + Email Free member to paid member gets = Horo Request SMS + Email Free member to free member gets = Email only Note: To unlock (*) in SMS messages upgrade yourself to become a paid member

What is Verification Stamp and how my profile gets verified?

Get your certificates of sslc, hsc, degree certificates, service certificate, and current month’s salary slip, duly attested by a gazette officer and upload it to us along with your voter id, ration card / passport, driving license etc. a standard single time verification charge of Rs 3000/- is applicable

What is Social reference?

Social Reference is a testimonial from someone who is a renowned person eg. a counselor of your ward, the secretary of your society in your area, he must be well recognized, easily located, well known to most of the people, we won’t support reference from friends, relatives or colleagues, it may be one sided, supporting to that member, Profile page has an option to add social reference, click on the link and enter the name, mobile number, email id of your reference with his status and designation, a mail is sent to him to confirm about you, you can also invite a renowned person to create a social reference profile for you.

Do all members view my social reference?

Yea, all members can view the name and designation of your social referrer, however paid members can view their mobile number to contact them directly.

Do I protect my social reference details?

This option is available for premium members only, a password protection option is available, any member can make a request to view protected social referrer details, an SMS message is sent to that paid member, regarding the request made, he/she can send you the password, if he/she wishes the same.

Do I show my social reference to whom I wish to show and protect from other members?

You can set your privacy setting likewise you can show your social reference to members, whom you wish to show it. And protect from other members

Do I delete my social reference?

Yea, you can delete your social reference at any time you want.

What is the need for Social Reference at Santhosham Matrimony?

Everyone wishes to wedlock their daughter (or) son to someone who is genuine and trustworthy, in this regard parents wish to do some background checking to get confirmation from all aspects including profile verification and social reference verification, marriage is a onetime life decision, so it is not advisable to make mistakes in choosing a life partner